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From Interning with the Washington Capitals

Gifs I made of Julien Brouillette's first goal in the NHL against the New Jersey Devils

Gifs I made of Julien Brouillette’s first goal in the NHL against the New Jersey Devils


For the past couple of months, I’ve been very busy working with the Washington Capitals as their digital content intern. Here is all the work I’ve done.


Julien Brouillette scores first NHL goal

Caps’ Gold Medal Predictions

Washington’s NCAA Alums Pick Frozen Four Champs

Monumental Network Photo Sets

Evgeny Kuznetsov’s First Skate at Kettler’s Capitals Iceplex

2013-14 Washington Capitals Team Photo

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The Royals: One step at a time

My piece on the ECHL's Reading Royals was featured by the Caps on Tumblr. All images from my Instagram account.

My piece on the ECHL’s Reading Royals was featured by the Caps on Tumblr. All images from my Instagram account.

Magic is simple.

You finish a task at work at 2:51 p.m. At 2:53, you enter the elevator and head down eight floors, uninterrupted. You walk through a clear crosswalk at 2:54, reach the metro station at 2:58 and find your card just as you reach the end of the second, and last, escalator. Your eyes latch onto the digital time that hovers over train times–2:59 p.m. With about 30 seconds left, you swipe and walk through the automatic gates, saving yourself from WMATA’s “peak hour” fares.

That’s a whole two dollars in your pocket, mister.

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August: High heels off, I’m feeling alive

Taking charge of audio during "Caps Report" with Mike Vogel and John Walton, featuring director of amateur scouting, Don Maloney. Photo from my Instagram account.

Taking charge of audio during “Caps Report” with Mike Vogel and John Walton, featuring Washington’s director of amateur scouting, Ross Mahoney. All photos taken from my Instagram account.

Oh, my God, I feel it in the air
Telephone wires above are sizzling like a snare
Honey, I’m on fire, I feel it everywhere
Nothing scares me anymore

- Lana Del Rey, “Summertime Sadness”

Maybe I’ll write a biography one day. Maybe I’ll just fill several journals and leave them in my basement to rot.

Well, I’m blogging now, so I guess this is where it’ll start.

To open on a personal level, I’ll confess that I’ve never had the kind of transformative summer that passes through Instagram filters and has Luke Bryan soundtracks. The past 21 seasons have registered blips of beach freedom, vacations and camps, but each one destined to be more or less like the last.

This summer, I managed to snag a pretty good internship with Monumental Sports & Entertainment’s Monumental Network. But I have been trained to not expect much and maybe because of that, the past two months have exceeded my not-so-wildest-but-still-pretty-crazy dreams.

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Internship Weeks 2 & 3: The Awkward Penguin wears the same pants she wore Monday

On Verizon Center's practice court.

On Verizon Center’s practice court.

“I’m your intern.”

I don’t know if my mentor, who shall be referred to as the “Dragon,” was genuinely surprised or just sarcastically so to hear me say those words. I may have been the only one shocked to hear them move past my lips—a genuine lack of the forethought that usually precedes my speech.

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Monumental Internship: Week One

Verizon Center breaking down the ice and readying for the Mystics season. Photo by Taylor Lewis.

Verizon Center breaking down the ice and readying for the Mystics season. Photo by Taylor Lewis.

With my hearing deteriorating, I recently made a decision to limit my earphone use. Sticking to this Lent-induced sacrifice, I found myself reading Breaking the Ice: The Black Experience in Professional Hockey on the green-line train speeding into Washington D.C. I figured it would be an inspiring read before I began my internship with Ted Leonsis’ Monumental Sports & Entertainment.

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Weekend Puck: Penguins do fly!

The Pens are...really good.

And that’s just one line. Screenshot from NHL.com

The Eastern Conference:

Nothing changed between Friday and Sunday, except the Pittburgh Penguins are on a five-game win streak while the Montreal Canadiens have three straight wins. The Philadelphia Flyers have the most away losses (10) but are also 8-4-1 at home. The Washington Capitals and Carolina Hurricanes are the only teams league-wide who have yet to see a shootout.

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Capitals Outsider: Hershey, Reading and the end of the lockout


Screenshot from CapitalsOutsider.com

I’ve been off and on covering the ECHL affiliate of the Washington Capitals, the Reading Royals, during the lockout. I haven’t been up as much mostly because it takes up about 3/4 tanks of gas round-trip, but I have been trying to keep tabs on the team.

So when the lockout ended, I, one, rejoiced and two, knew that I had to get something in amidst the many angles being analyzed. So I looked to the minor leagues and how they would be affected with players being called up. The results in Washington weren’t as exciting as one might want, but I more wanted to get in touch with the Royals. Especially because it looks like I won’t be able to go up this month due to the massive amount of (paying) work I have assigned myself in preparation for the spring semester.

I brought in fellow Capitals Outsider writer M. Richter to craft the Hershey section as she’s more knowledgeable on the team. You can read the whole thing here, but as before, I’ll provide some teasers. Continue Reading »


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